69' Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SFX Library

DSC_0420_69GT500Shelby_burnout_WatsonWu Square Text.JPG
DSC_0420_69GT500Shelby_burnout_WatsonWu Square Text.JPG

69' Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 SFX Library


The following is a 1969 Ford Mustang - Shelby GT500 muscle car single license sound effects library. This rare Mustang edition is a beauty among other American muscle cars.

All recordings were captured in 24 Bit, 96 kHz. The Onboard recordings are 4 channel poly wave files. the External recordings are in stereo wave files. The combined recorded driving time exceeds 38 minutes long.

Onboard Settings:
Channel 1 - Engine Firewall
Channel 2 - Engine Air-Intake

Channel 3 - Exhaust 1
Channel 4 - Exhaust 2

External Settings:
Stereo in Left and Right Channels

Notes: There are no Ramp recordings in this library. Some people may want to reduce the levels to Channel 2 (Engine Air-Take) for a more Muscle Car like sound. If you need specific shots of this vehicle, Watson is available for hire to re-record this or similar sounding cars. Other types of vehicles are also available upon request.

File Names

69Shelby_Ext_Idle_Burnout_1.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Idle_Burnout_2.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_1.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_2.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_3.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_4.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_5.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Passby_6.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Startup_Idle_Burnout.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Startup_Idle_Revs_TakeOff_1.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Startup_Idle_Revs_TakeOff_2.wav 69Shelby_Ext_Startup_Idle_Revs.wav

69Shelby_OnBoard_Startup_Idle_CasualFastSpeed.wav 69Shelby_OnBoard_Startup_Idle_FastSpeed.wav 69Shelby_OnBoard_Startup_Idle_MediumSpeed_Shutdown.wav 69Shelby_OnBoard_Startup_Idle_Revs_Shutdown.wav 69Shelby_OnBoard_Startup_Idle_Revs_TakeOff_Fast.wav

Ext = External
OnBoard = Recording perspectives on the vehicle

Rev = Revving

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The following is a collage stereo demo from a 4 channel OnBoard plus Stereo External recordings of the 1969 Ford Mustang - Shelby GT500 muscle car.