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Scorpio recorder - My opinion



The following is my personal opinion about Scorpio, the new flag ship field recorder by Sound Devices. Again, I am a sound effects recording artist so I work differently from Film & TV sound mixer people. I’m sure I’ve missed other PROS & CONS so I’ll admit my errors. ;-)

16 inputs (with phantom power, adjustable analog limiters, etc) in one small box. There’s nothing out there that can do this much in a small and portable package!!
*Power - You can plug in 4 separate batteries to power this beast for the super long recording days
*Storage - Internal SSD and two SD cards
*3 headphone ports in this one piece recorder
*Can fit inside a K-Tek Stingray Medium size audio bag (Large is recommended for film/TV people)
*Can fit inside the K-Tek Stingray Backpack
*Sounds Fantastic with the car and weapons I recorded! The analog limiters can take a pounding!!

*Too much toggling is required to listen to each of the inputs while recording as well as during playback
A much faster method I proposed would speed up listening & adjusting while recording (through firmware)!!
*You can’t Rewind nor Fast Forward during playback while listening to a specific input (What???)
*Takes too long to access and work inputs 13 through 16!
*Requires an accessory(s) like a console or tablet to quickly access other features (like inputs 13-16 etc)

So who is this Scorpio beast for? The Scorpio is for people who need high track counts in one box vs multiple recorders to equal to 16 tracks. I’ve conducted many sessions where we used multiple 2, 4, and 8 track recorders. It isn’t easy to deal with multiple recorders and especially not easy to deal with multiple memory cards during post editing/designing.

Raw recordings from the Scorpio (listen in your DAW). Enjoy!

BMW 750 Onboard car sounds (Onboard with mics in engine & exhaust area)

Weapons (Recording various gunshots at a shooting range. Due to bad weather, I couldn’t record specific weapons at a quiet location, and without the unwanted over hang roof obstruction)

Ambience in MS Stereo (Natural woods ambience recordings in Southwest Florida, USA)

Special thanks to: Sound Devices, K-Tek, Phil O’Bannon, Derrick Maretti, and Chad Dion for the video!

Please post your thoughts about the Scorpio recorder. Thank you! :-)