This is a short trailer of 71', a British feature film I worked on (was hired to record firearms). We were quite happy that it made it to the Berlin Film Festival. This film is now available on Netflix, Apple TV, etc network.

Check out this Planet Coaster Dev Diary. I was hired to work on this Fun game. This installment highlights the staggering detail that goes into making the Planet Coaster audio. Creating a rich and immersive environment that brings your park to life. Behind the scenes videos can be viewed HERE!

Been asked many times to release a firearms sound effects library so here it is. Full Auto is a sound effects library I produced.

Recording authentic cannons for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed (AAA video game)

The following video shows how Watson field records a 550hp XF-RS Jag. This was a commission work by Rode Microphone, an Australian company. All filming were done by Skip Perry of Thief of Soul Imaging. All sound recordings were done by Watson Wu.

Recording various exotic, muscle, and truck vehicles for Activision's Transformers game.

Buy a copy of this video game! This is a diary of the multi-track field recordings session for Tripwire Interactive's video game. In the Hot Nevada desert we fired off and recorded authentic WWII weapons. Team members were Chris Rickwood (audio director), Watson Wu, Charles Maynes, and Aaron Marks.

Video diary of recording stadium crowd surround sounds for EA's NCAA & Madden Football games.