Beach (D002B) 20ft - 5.1 surround sound clip

Beach (D002B) 20ft - 5.1 surround sound clip


File Name: ambience_beach_D002_20ft_FromShore_B.rar

SFX Type: Beach (3 minutes) 5.1 Surround Sound Clip

The recording location of this sound file is on Gasparilla Island, Florida. The body of water is the Gulf of Mexico.

The following 5.1 surround sound recording is a three minute 6 channel 24 Bit 96 kHz poly wave file. Ch1 is Left, Ch2 is Right, Ch3 is Center, Ch4 is LFE, Ch5 is Surround Left, and Ch6 is Surround Right. This is a true 5.1 recording using 6 microphones, not processed from a stereo file.

The download is a compressed .rar file. For Mac users, we recommend using UnRARX. For Windows, we recommend WinRAR.

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The following is a sample demo in stereo.