Film & TV
Hearing is Believing Mercedes-AMG Dolby Atmos Commercial, Baby Driver (Multi-Award Winner for Sound), '71 (feature film), Animal Planet, AT&T, Attack of The Show, Australia's Got Talent, Bath Crashers, BBC, Bubba's World, Comic Con Live, Country Justice, Daniel Craig's A&E Biography, Decked Out, E-Talk, Fifth Gear (UK), G4TV, Good Game, Guts|Glory|Ram, HGTV, House Crashers, Hugo Boss Orange Fashion Show, Ironman Competition, It's Me or The Dog, Kings of The Surf, Learning Channel, Lexus, Metro PCS, MLB, Mote Marine, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, Landward, Making Moves South Africa, Ocean Adventures, Parco P.I., PGA Tour, Pennzoil, Race to Win, River Cottage Treatment, Rode Microphones, SEMA, Silver Lake Preserve Quail Hunting Safety Video at Lykes Ranch, Sky Sports TV, Speed Channel, Spike TV, T-Minis 360 Tree Stand, The Migrant Kitchen, The Voice, Thrill Seekers, TRU TV, U.S. Army, Verizon Wireless, Watchdog UK, Vox Trailer, WWE, ZDF Trailer, etc...

Video Games
Assassin's Creed, ATLAS, Borderlands 3, Breach & Clear, Breach & Clear: Deadline, Gametrailers TV with Geo Keighley, Ghost in The Shell Online, Gretzky NHL, GRID, H1Z1 Battle Royale, H1Z1 KOTK, KF2, Madden NFL, Marmalade, Metro Conflict, NASCAR, NASCAR Heat, NCAA Football, Need for Speed (multiple versions), Operation Flashpoint, Planet Coaster, Project Cars 2, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Serious Sam II, Spore, Sudden Attack 2, The Grand Tour, Transformers, Trivia Pursuit DVD (Award Winning Title), Urban Riot, Warhawk, etc...

Sound Effects Libraries
A Sound Effect, Sonokinetic, and Watson Wu.

Dodge Demon Drag Racing Simulator (for Sigma Integrale)

Speaking Engagements
Clemson University (Guest Speaker)
University of Wisconin-Whitewater (Keynote Guest Speaker and as a guest speaker via Skype chat)
MIGS - Montreal International Game Summit (Guest Speaker) (VIP Guest Speaker)

Volunteer Work
Arcadia Police Department, Florida (Donated various sounds for their training courses)
SOCOM (Special Operations Command) D-Day Memorial Event at MacDill Air Force Base (donated WWII warfare sounds for their D-Day battlefield event)

Activision, A&E, Animal Planet, AT&T, Bandai Namco, BBC UK, Blackbox, Codemasters, Dodge Ram, Daybreak Games, DICE, Discovery Channel, EA, EA Sports, Frontier Developments, G4TV, GameHi, Gearbox Software, Ghost Games, Guerilla Games, Gun, Hasbro, High Moon Studios, Hudson Editorial, Infinity Ward, Lexus, Learning Channel, Marmalade, Metro PCS, MLB, Mote Marine, Mercedes-AMG, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, Neople, PGA, Red Duck, Rode Microphones, SEMA Show, Sky Sports TV, Slightly Mad Studios, Sonokinetic, Sony Computer Entertainment of Amerca, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe, Sound Ideas, Source Sound, Speed, Spike,  Square Enix, Tripwire Interactive, Ubisoft, U.S. Army, Verizon Wireless, Warp Films, etc


Publications and writings mentioning or about Watson Wu

Book: The Complete Guide to Game Audio (3rd edition), by Aaron Marks (pages 20-21, 349-353)
Book: The Complete Guide to Game Audio (2nd edition), by Aaron Marks (pages 68-70, 104, 340, 341, 410)
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Book: Game Development Essentials 3rd Edition, by Jeanne Novak (pages 287, 450)

Conference: Annual guest speaker & moderator at, a video game conference in Atlanta, Georgia (since 2009)
Expo: Guest Keynote Speaker during University of Wisconsin's annual Media Arts & Game Development Expo (May 2013)
Guest Speaker: Clemson University - Performing Arts Center (November 2015)

Featured Artist: Seagate (hard drive maker)
Featured Artist: Sound Devices (makers of professional production mixers and recorders)
Featured Artist: Rode Microphones (an Australian microphone company)
Featured Artist: DPA Microphones (a Danish microphone company)
Featured Artist: PortaBrace Audio (maker of cases for audio & film production equipment)
Featured Artist: Sweetwater (Pro Audio Retail Giant)
Featured Artist:

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Newsletter: Game Audio Network Guild - Interview (8/2010)
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Radio Broadcast: Live Radio Station Interview (W.E.N.G. June 2010)
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Video Podcast: Game Audio Hour - episode 60 (5/2015)
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Review: Watson's review of PortaBrace AO-2X audio bag
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