Testimonials — See what people think about Watson's work.

I had the pleasure of working with Watson recording sailing ship sounds for ATLAS. He brought the highest levels of professionalism and expertise which in turn delivered exceptional results. Beyond that though he listened to what I needed and took the time to research and book the ship and crew himself. This made it seamless in my busy schedule to fly in and spend a day on a schooner recording sounds. I would not hesitate to hire Watson again for any audio I’d need in the future.
— Stephen Baker, Audio Director, Studio Wildcard
Watson was great to work with. We had to record two rallycross cars on very short notice, but he took on the project and very easily produced top quality sound recordings for Project CARS 2
— Rod Chong, Slightly Mad Studios CCO
Watson’s abilities as a field recordist combined with his vast knowledge of cars makes him an essential part of my team.
The Dodge Ram campaign featured new Hemi and Cummins engines. I needed fresh quality recordings and I needed them fast. Watson made it happen and made me look good!
— Jay Nierenberg, Sound Supervisor & Owner Sublime Sound
Saw you on the credits for 71’. I thought the guns sounded great! Really nice sounding film all round.
— Rob Turner, Film & TV Sound Designer/Field Recordist
Watson Wu is my ‘go-to’ guy for field recording and is particularly skilled at weapons and vehicles. We’ve been involved in several projects together recording hundreds of pistols, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and even mini guns – and because of his knowledge of guns and recording talents, the results have always been of high quality. He also specializes in exotic car recordings and these skills came in quite handy when we turned our sights toward military vehicles, such as the M1A1 Abrams tank, Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Light Armored Vehicle, HumVee and cargo trucks. He has always produced top notch recordings and is probably one of the most enthusiastic recordists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!
— Aaron Marks, Composer/Sound Designer/Field Recordist/Author, The Complete Guide to Game Audio & Game Audio Development
I recently purchased Watson Wu’s FullAuto library for a project I was working on. The library really came through for me! All of the sounds are very usable, clean and helped me get the job done quickly and to the client’s satisfaction. Highly recommended for any sound designers working on weapons, which is most of us!
— Nathan Madsen, Composer & Sound Designer at Madsen Studios, LLC
Planet Coaster’s audio recordist Watson Wu got a whole theme park to himself to record the sounds of rollercoasters, log rides, and various other attractions. And yes, he took these rides for a spin. It’s actually pretty funny watching a talented recordist capture audio while on the rides
— PC Gamer
Sound designer Watson Wu took over a theme park to record ‘Planet Coaster’s audio, and the result is an authentic, rich soundscape. The coasters are especially good, with all of the clicking and whooshing you’d expect.
— HighDefDigest.com
Thanks so much for sharing your work and thoughts with our students here at Clemson University. The information you provided was useful to all our majors regardless of their concentration areas!
— David Hartmann, Clemson University Chairman Department of Performing Arts
As a studio director of audio for one of the biggest video game companies I know good talent when I see it. Watson Wu is a “Hollywood Grade” Musical composer, Sound Designer and Location Sound Recordist. If you are looking for an audio professional on your next project Watson is a very safe bet.
— Jessie James Allen, Studio Audio Director, EA Sports
When we needed SFX for Breach & Clear, we turned to Watson. He’s was the only choice, especially for the weapon fidelity we were after. It’s not everyday that an odd request like: ‘We need a LaRue rifle, chambered in 5.56, with a suppressor.’ can be fulfilled. But Watson not only made it happen, but had different flavors of that rifle. Absolute pro through and through. We go to him first and foremost....every time.
— Wes Keltner, Creator of Breach & Clear, President of Gun
Before and during our massive field recordings of guns, explosions, bullet impacts and whiz bys, there were a lot of issues and changes. Watson smoothly improvised through all of the fine details. As a result, the project was perfectly completed. This is also true as he was trying to understand our culture. I really appreciate that.
— Kim Sun Joong, Audio Director, Neople - South Korea
Dude, if I bought a copy of every game you worked on I couldn’t buy the family any groceries!
— Dren McDonald, Composer & Sound Designer, NerdTracks.com
We brought Watson in to deliver the keynote address at our annual MAGD Expo, a game-centered exhibition opportunity for our students. He gave an wonderful presentation that was insightful, entertaining, and inspiring to our students, faculty, and community. He’s got so many amazing stories! I also personally witnessed a number of his individual interactions with our students, and I loved the way he challenged them to think critically about their work. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!
— Dr. Jeff Herriott, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, Coordinator of Media Arts and Game Development Program
*Transformers game*
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Watson over this past year. He recorded several vehicles for our game and the results were fantastic! His connections with the exotic car market and private owners willing to “voice” their cars resulted in some extremely satisfying and unique recordings! From the varied “auditioning” stages to meticulously-detailed and sonically-rich completion and file delivery, Watson’s communication and professionalism was top-notch, and he delivered precisely what we were looking for, ahead of schedule. A fun part of this experience was being able to show him how we had used his recordings with our game vehicles in a recent trip he made to California. He was impressed, and identified every car correctly even in their altered / designed state! Working with his high-resolution, superbly-recorded cars made our lives much easier when planning the audio for this project. We couldn’t have done it better ourselves, had we the time and resources to do it. Not only has Watson been a joy to work with, but he has also become a fast friend with a keen attention to field recording technologies and advancements that we share regularly. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Watson Wu to anyone looking for fantastic multi-channel recordings, sound design, and music.
— Rodney Gates, Sound Designer, Robot Entertainment (formerly at Activision)
Love the multiple perspectives provided in the FullAuto sound effects library. There are some killer tail outs in the “medium” perspective files, and that 7.62 sounds positively INTIMIDATING from the incoming perspective!
— Shaun Farley, MPSE
I have used Watson’s weapons libraries on a number of projects. In addition to being excellent recordings, the libraries are well documented and easily searchable which helped me find exactly what I needed straight away. The assets also fit well in non-modern weapons projects. Many times I’ve used Watson’s weapon assets as a base or sweetener when building fantasy spell-casting and impact sounds. Thank you Watson for the excellent work.
— Kyle Johnson, Composer & Sound Designer