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New Røde Microphones!

Just a few days ago Røde Microphones flew me to their Røde Show 2015, a large launch event showcasing their new products. Loews of Coronado Bay Hotel Resort in San Diego was a gorgeous place for Røde to host their show. I finally got to meet Peter Freedman, Røde's President. He and I both agree about mic placement being the most crucial part for good recordings. His employees were also a joy to chat with. Mr. Freedman gave me goose bumps when he presented the new exciting products. I felt like my favorite sports team had won the championship game! I can't wait to try out the new microphones. Thank You Røde!

Watson Wu holding the new NTG4+ shotgun and NTR ribbon mics at the Røde Show 2015. Røde must have read my mind because I've been thinking about getting a ribbon mic! :-D

The all new Røde NTG4 and NTG4+ shotgun mics. Both of these improved low self noise mics have built-in rechargeable batteries (via the included Micro USB cable) for up to 150 hours of usage. When you power on the mic, the previous setting will stay the same. Wow!!

I knew they would make a wireless system. Røde's President Peter Freedman was actually using their new Rode Link wireless system during his Røde Show 2015 presentation speech. It worked out nicely!

Aaron Marks (my associate), Røde Microphone President Peter Freedman, and Watson Wu at Røde Show 2015.

Aaron Marks and Watson Wu at Røde Show 2015.

Me hanging with some Røde peeps. Left is Timothy, Me, Ryan, and Robert at Røde Show 2015.