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Fans LOVE the Sounds of Planet Coaster game!

I am receiving a great amount of "sound" praises from fans of Planet Coaster game. Frontier Developments has done a Fantastic job making this Fun title. Read the comical reviews, LOL!!

Onboard recordings of a Crazy fast spinning coaster ride for Planet Coaster game.

Sound designer Watson Wu took over a theme park to record ‘Planet Coaster’s audio, and the result is an authentic, rich soundscape. The coasters are especially good, with all of the clicking, whooshing...
The sound design, much like on Frontier’s other game Elite: Dangerous, is just completely phenomenal. I do not know what is going on inside those studios to make the little beeps, clanks, and shouts so superb, but hopefully it never stops.
Love the Coaster Sounds!
I really love how they nailed the Coaster sounds, since I’m a Rollercoaster fanatic. I’m really enjoying just building coasters for fun!
We all gotta thank Watson Wu, thanks to him we have the best coaster/ride sounds in Planet Coaster
— Cats
you call this work? looked like fun having an empty theme park!
— Timothy T.
Really interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing and great work, the coaster sounds in this game are fantastic :)
— Geekism
This is some really neat stuff! I love it when a game has outstanding audio. You helped make that happen. Thanks for your work!
— IntrepidGaming
Seeing some preview let’s plays, I was struck by how authentic the rides sounded. I for some reason never put together that someone would have actually recorded these! Amazing work, normally I am pretty indifferent to sound effects but I am sincerely excited about the atmosphere they will add to this game.
— Sean G.
super cool to see how this gets made! great game, great sound direction!
— thesvc2006
You did a fantastic job. I love the wooden coaster sounds.
— K_
As a Sound Designer and Fieldrecordist myself I really love to see what others are doing! Reall Dig the ingame Sound, good job! What I’m interested in is, what equipment have you used especially the Microphones.
— Butterweich.Audio
this almost feels like a fake video lol Great game!!
— Erick G.
This is incredible - thanks for your hard work on this game, and thanks for these behind-the-scenes videos!
— KingRCT3
Great work on the recordings! The sounds are great in the game.
— stanthekeyboardman
I just have to say you made this game absolutely magical. Similar games like RCT3 or NoLimits 2 are fantastic in there own ways, but have always suffered from lackluster audio. It ruins the immersion.
— Trevor W.
Great Job. Love the sounds in the game.
— CGPhotoKandou
— brandnewbadidea1
Thanks for your hard work and unstopping dedication to this game!
— Kyle F.
Superb theme park audio!
Just wanted to say how awesome your beard is, and thanks for working on the game. I’m having a blast listening to all the roller coaster sounds while I was playing!
— mikeyman2010
The sound effects and music only further the expressive, happy-go-lucky attitude the game carries.
I still cannot get over how good the sound design in this game is. I mean, ok..Frontier has shown that they can produce something very good in this category via Elite Dangerous, but this thing is next level.
— Dante80