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The DPA D:Vice Audio Interface

Here are share some raw BMW X5 Sports SUV (455 horse power, with an M5 motor) sample recordings of me using a tiny DPA Microphones D:Vice mobile audio interface. The mics used were a DPA 4061 lavalier (positioned inside an engine compartment) and a DPA 4018VL small capsule supercardioid mic (positioned near the exhausts).

This D:Vice is incredible! It did a great job capturing super clean sounds using an iPod Touch. The iOS app I recommend is called Multitrack DAW. This DAW allows you to independently control inputs one and two and be able to quickly export the recordings using Apple's Airdrop technology.

Who is this DPA D:Vice for?
It's for the traveling professional who want great recordings in a small package. This user would have to very tech savvy to operate the apps as recording with the D:Vice isn't as easy as a dedicated field recorder. However, the recordings are fantastic. Just listen to my posted examples (ch1 Engine, ch2 Exhausts, and a Mix of both ch1 & ch2).