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Sounds for a Food TV Show!

Wanted to share news about a TV Show that will air today. The Migrant Kitchen, season 3, episode 4 (Mister Jiu’s Chinatown) features some of my sounds. Click HERE to see/hear the trailer.

Re-recording Mixer/Sound Designer Barry Weir Jr. has done a great job for this show. He has recorded and designed his own sounds and also used some of my Hong Kong Ambience SoundFX library clips for some of the outdoor scenes. Moreover, he also got me to record some authentic Asian cooking and kitchen ambience sounds for the episode. Enjoy and let us know what you think about our sounds.

Special thanks to Barry Weir Jr and to Chef/Restaurant Owner Mister Chi Ping Lum!

The Migrant Kitchen  tv show (Season 3, Episode 4,  Mister Jiu’s Chinatown )

The Migrant Kitchen tv show (Season 3, Episode 4, Mister Jiu’s Chinatown)

I think the most challenging part of this project was basically having to create a fully filled effects track. The majority of the production sound from the B-Roll shots in the kitchen, cooking, or city was unusable. Trying to re-create each episodes authentic and ethnic sounds was a challenge based off of time, budget, and resources. From Recording custom sounds in the studio, field recordings, and various sound libraries I was able to complete each episodes niche sound design tasks successfully. Thanks to the help of Watson Wu for picking up some sounds out in the field along with the help of his ambience libraries helped wrapping this project up a breeze.
— Re-recording Mixer/Sound Designer Barry Weir Jr.