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H1Z1 game is now on PS4!

H1Z1 is a game I was hired to work on. The following is my video diary of the vehicle recording sessions. This Fun game is available on PS4 and on Steam.

Special thanks to:
Daybreak Games, especially the Sound Department
Humvee, Richard Gabor
Jeep, Kono Wendel
Police Car, Officer Courtney Baldwin & Temple Terrace Police Department, Florida
Truck & ATV, Adam Adkinson
The Big Machine
Rodney Gates
Video/Stills, Thief of Soul Imaging

Congrats to Daybreak Games and to all the contractors who worked hard on this Fun game!


H1Z1 Game Video Trailer


An 8 plus minute game play of H1Z1


Click HERE to see H1Z1 Auto Royale Trailer. It's Crazy!!