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University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Skype Chat

UW-Whitewater Skype Chat - Watson Wu 20190410 52641B4C-CC2D-4D92-8D92-C4702054F7FA.JPG

Professor Jeff Herriott from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater invited me to Skype chat with one of his sound classes. His students got to ask me questions about what I do, etc. Thank you, Professor Herriott and to his students at Whitewater.

It was some years ago that Professor Herriott invited and flew me to his university to give a keynote speech at their annual media event. He and I were classmates and in the same Society of Composers, Inc group when we were both attending Florida International University (F.I.U.) in Miami, Florida.


The following is the recording from the Skype chat. Runtime is just over 55 minutes long.
Intro is Professor Herriott. Please pardon the weird transmission noises from Skype.

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