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New game release! Need for Speed 2015

I was hired to field record a Scion FR-S sports car for EA's Need for Speed 2015 video game. Today is the official release available for XBox One, PS4, and PC. I rigged a total of 7 mics OnBoard the modified car and also tracked it with an External M/S stereo shotgun mic.

From "Need for Speed also sounds nearly as good as it looks; the throaty burble of performance-tuned engines is well-realised and the crackle of exhaust overrun and the ker-chuck of slamming gears is similarly resectable." - "Great visuals and sound"

Go out, buy the game, and kill some tires!!

New Need for Speed 2015 game, developed by Ghost Games, and published by EA.

Need for Speed 2015 Trailer

Video diary of the modified Scion FR-S sports car field recording session. Run time is 2:25. Watch it all the way through. We had budget in new tires for the stunt driving!

Watson field recording a modified Scion FR-S sports car. Derrick DuMont is the tuner & driver.

Watson going over the check list of field recording this modified Scion FR-S sports car.

Modified Scion FR-S sports car with stunt driver Daniel Hoy.

Part of Watson Wu's field recording equipment. One Sound Devices 788T-SSD field recorder and two 442 field mixers were used for OnBoard recordings. A 744T field recorder was used for External recordings to capture passbys, burnouts, skids, donuts, etc. 8 mics, Remote Audio headphones for critical monitoring, gaffers tape, blimps, etc gear were all needed to achieve this difficult session.

New Need for Speed game is available for XBox One, PS4, and PC. Buy a copy Today!