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Me, Me, Me, Me, Me...

By demand, some people wanted to see a picture displaying some of the field recording gear I often use.

Death Star Me (Stereo Videmic X mic) is above my left hand, Micro-Me (Stereo VideoMic Pro mic) is above my right hand, Mini-Me (NT5 mic) is at my left knee, Me (NTG3 mic) is on my right side, and Mega Me (NTG8 mic) at my left side. 

Below the Mega Blimp is a PortaBrace bag housing a Sound Devices 744T field recorder, a Sound Devices MixPre-D field mixer, and a Sony MDR-V55 headphones. The recorder hanging below the Death Star is a Tascam DR-40 handheld recorder.

Mini-Me RØDE Blimp!

Mini-Me RØDE Blimp!

I've been wanting to have at least one Really small blimp so that I can carry one of my Sound Devices field recorder, a stereo mic in a blimp, my Macbook Air, a camera, and a bunch of accessories in ONE BACKPACK. So after researching about it and chatting with a few who have done so, I finally had the nerve to hack into one!

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