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Planet Coaster - Early Bird Access to this new game!

Planet Coaster, a roller coaster game I worked on is now available as an Early Bird Alpha Edition. Visit Frontier Developments' store page!

Planet Coaster video game (Game Credits) - Special thanks to the entire team at Frontier Developments in the UK for their excellent work! I was contracted to research, organize, and field record sounds of various roller coaster and flat rides. Turn Up your speakers and enjoy this game!

Planet Coaster game - positive reviews

Planet Coaster  game (from the maker of Roller Coaster Typhoon - go to time frame 4:00)

Planet Coaster game (from the maker of Roller Coaster Typhoon - go to time frame 4:00)

Just received positive sound reviews of Planet Coaster, a Frontier Developments AAA video game I worked on. Congratulations to the entire team for their hard work!

Some of the fan reviews include:

The good | Holy ... the sound is good, love it! | Love the sounds, too! | Excellent soundwork | Sound is spot on | Wow! That looks, feels, and sounds great!

Video (start at time frame 4:00). What you hear is what I heard and recorded while riding on them roller coasters. This title is set to release in Q4 this year. Turn Up your speakers and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Planet Coaster - New Game I worked on

Planet Coaster, by the English developer/publisher Frontier Developments is an exciting new game I worked on. It is to be released later this year. If you missed the live stream, here is the LINK to view it (featuring Art Director John Laws conducting a Q&A session at 7pm GMT on March 2nd).