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New RØDE Ambisonic Mic!

New RØDE Ambisonic Mic!

I got to check out the new ambisonic microphone by Rode Microphone in southern California. The NT-SF1 will soon hit the stores. It has four true condenser capsules on the mic and will also include the mic mount, a ball blimp, and blimp fur. This package will cost

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Røde Show 2017 event

I had the pleasure to be invited to attend Røde Show 2017, an incredible event hosted by Røde Microphones. This time it was held inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Las Vegas. Below are some pictures and videos showing what went on. Special thanks to owner Peter Freedman, new CEO Damien Wilson, Callie, Ryan, Ming, and the rest of the staff at Røde!

Røde SHOW 2017

Photos from the event.

Røde hired this awesome string quartet that played arrangements of popular rock music, even from Metallica, Sting, The Cure, Journey, etc!!

Special thanks to Jem Schofield from The C47 for sharing this video regarding Røde Show 2017.

Latest RIGS video, a PS4 game we worked on

RIGS is a Mechanized Combat League PS4 game we worked on. The following is the latest video showing off what it is about. This VR title will in stores on 10/13/2016.

Stay tuned as we'll post some behind the scenes pictures and videos!

RIGS PS4 VR GAME will be in stores on 10/13/2016