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71', a film I worked on is in UK theatres today

71' is a historical thriller/drama film that I worked on. It was directed by Yann Demange with Jack O'Connell as the leading actor. Paul Davies, the Supervising Sound Designer has done a fantastic job making sure that all of the effects sounded great. Check out his work on "The American" starting George Clooney.

Today is the UK Premiere of 71'. I hope it'll make here to America for us to see (and hear).

Watson Wu field recording firearms with multiple microphone perspectives. He uses Sound Devices field mixers and field recorders to capture the super loud gun shot sounds. The recording session was at a top secret location in Florida, USA.

Watson Wu was holding the 7.62x51 sniper rifle. Armorer RJ Flowers was holding a large Dan Wesson revolver. RJ's hand were aching that evening from doing so much shooting. ;-)

Watson Wu field recording firearms. So much gear!