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Ups & Downs of field recordings

A piece of my Pile of Gear! These "things" are what I use to field record vehicle sounds.

Just wanted to share about yesterday's field recording session of a modified sports car.

Because of the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I can't say what this project was for, nor can I post pictures/videos of the session. However, I would like to share my thoughts about what went well and what DID NOT go well. First of all, Don't ever buy these pieces of crap Cobra CXT545 Walkie Talkies. They SUCK! I couldn't communicate with the driver even when he was only half a mile away from me. We were in the line of sight without any obstructions. I'm going to buy new rechargeable batteries for my Motorola MR350R radios and machine gun the Cobra brand next I do a gun recording session!!

Because I get so engrossed with my work, I forgot to put on sunscreen, my hat, and didn't eat anything till well after 3pm. I guess the Labor of Love can affect me. ;-)

What went well were that we had plenty of water and Gatorade drinks, extra batteries for my Sound Devices 442 field mixers and Sound Devices 788T-SSD and 744T field recorders. What also went very well was that I hired two great aggressive drivers that did everything right. They were a blessing to have! We managed to film some of the action stunt shots with a new iPhone 6 (240 frames) for awesome slow motions. I'll post pictures and videos later on when I'm allowed to. :-)

Please share what radios or etc gear that works well for you.


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