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Flying & Driving with Gear

Wanted to share a short writing about my trip for this week. I've been hired to field record sounds of certain vehicles for a video game project. Today I'm flying to Louisville, Kentucky, then driving a rental car to south Indiana. Because of NDA, I can't say what I'm up up until the game company makes an announcement about their exciting title.

In this picture are a Rycote Windshield Kit #4, a large Swiss backpack, a PortaBrace audio bag, and a monster size Pelican 1650 case.

The purpose of this setup is to divide up my equipment. All items outside of the Pelican 1650 case are my primary gear. They are a Sound Devices 744T/MixPre-D inside the PortaBrace bag, my numerous mics, batteries, primary chargers, a camera, gaffers tape, etc all inside the large Swiss backpack.

Inside the Pelican 1650 case, there is a backup 4 track recorder, more batteries, mic stands, cables, zip ties, gaffers tape, clothes, etc items.

I HIGHLY recommend dividing up your precious gear similar to this. Remember to Always have a backup just in case something happens to your primary gear! This applies to other industries such as photography, videography, IT, etc. Stay safe and please share your stories. :-)

Wearing a special technology vest to carry more gear.