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Nissan GTR Revving

Nissan GTR Revving

Just wanted to share a quick video of an incredible Nissan GTR high performance sports car doing some revs. I used a new RØDE VideoMic Pro+ camera mic with the "Safety Channel" feature turned on. This mode will lower the right channel by 10 decibels so that abrupt loud sounds can still sound great in your videos.

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Watson featured on ETS' latest blog!

Featured blog on ETS' website (maker of InstaSnake and other great A/V products)!

Field recording full scale cannons for   Assassin's Creed (  Ubisoft's flagship     video game).       InstaSnake   boxes (  right of Evian   water bottle) allows me to easily use   light   and thin   CAT5e data cables to connect   all   microphones to the   field mixers and recorders.

Field recording full scale cannons for Assassin's Creed (Ubisoft's flagship video game). InstaSnake boxes (right of Evian water bottle) allows me to easily use light and thin CAT5e data cables to connect all microphones to the field mixers and recorders.